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The Price Of A Pickup Truck

Pickup truck is a vehicle known to offer services to its customers. It is one of the vehicle known to dominate the country.

Besides, these vehicle come in different sizes and colours in accordance with the brand type. It is also a four wheel drive vehicle meaning it is capable of going through a ragged terrain with much ease.

Pickup trucks make great personal transportation vehicles and upgraded armored units. Besides, Pickup trucks can also be customized and modified however you want.

Furthermore, they are reliable and durable. People who are familiar to these vehicles know that they are durable since they can lift heavy loads.

The Price

Therefore, when we have a look at the price of a brand new pickup truck in Kenya, it ranges from 3.5 million kenyan shillings to 6 million kenyan shillings. The price varies depending with the quality of the pickup and the year it was manufactured where recent manufactured pickup trucks are slightly expensive.

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