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The Best Alternatives For The Toyota Probox In Kenya

Even though there are many cars in Kenya, the Toyota Probox is one of the most famous cars in Kenya. It is prominent for its box-like shape that is unique and makes it stand out among other vehicles. It also has a track record for practicality and reliability.

Despite its good features, some people do not like Toyota because of the bad reputation that people who drive this vehicle have. Below is a list of some of the most suitable alternatives for the Toyota Probox in Kenya.

1. Toyota Succeed.

There is no better alternative for the Toyota Probox than the Toyota Succeed. This is because the two cars are similar in most aspects such as the d3sign, engine capacity and even spares. The Toyota Succeed is much more luxurious compared to the Probox.

2. Nissan Advan.

The Nissan Advan is a stylish wagon that is quite common in Kenya. It is one of the most preferred alternatives for the Toyota Probox since it can handle abuse and is quite reliable. It is also stylish compared to the Probox. It has low repair costs since its spares are readily available.

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