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The Price Of A Bajaj TukTuk

A tuk-tuk is a simple vehicle which has used in the transportation sector for a while. It has been used for several purposes depending with the design of the TukTuk,that is, we have got those TukTuk that carry passengers and those that offer services.

Currently, TukTuk business has begun dominating especially in the market places, towns and cities. This is because they known to offer the cheapest services compared to others such as cars, Nissan and busses and can pass through the streets of the market with much ease.

Actually, when we look at the speed of a Bajaj TukTuk you will discover that its top speed is about 37mph to 42mph but it feels much faster due to the size and weight of the vehicle.

The Price

Therefore, if you consider the price of a brand new Bajaj TukTuk, this vehicle has a price ranging from 400,000 kenyan shillings to 500,000 kenyan shillings. Their price varies due to their modification made.

Furthermore, since the technology is advancing at a faster rate, the new model of TukTuk is introduced. That is, the electric TukTuk. For more information about such a vehicle, click the follow button for more updates.

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