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Checkout the Amount of Fuel in Litres That a Toyota V8 consumes in 50 Kilometers

Toyota V8 is one of the most expensive vehicles in Kenyan roads. This vehicles is perceived to be expensive due to it maintenance cost as well as well as its fuel consumption rate. Each and every day the vehicle companies as coming up with new ways of improving their vehicles to satisfy their customers. Toyota V8 is given this name because it's engine has eight cylinder pistons. This is the reason why it's engine is so strong and on the other hand consumes mach fuel.Some years back, Toyota V8 together with Subaru are the vehicles around which were know to consume so mach fuel. In Kenya there are always restrictions and high tax to vehicles that consume a lot of fuel. This is one of the reasons most companies right now are majoring of manufacturing vehicles with low fuel consumption rate. This is one of the way to increase their sales since most people want vehicle that will be cheap to maintain as well as low fuel consumption rate.

2017 Toyota v8 is know to consume about 14.4 litres of fuel in 100 kilometers. This mean that in 50 kilometers this vehicle consumes 7.2 litres.If you start comparing with other vehicles in Kenyan roads you will realize that this is abit high. Most vehicles usually consumes about 8 litres in 100 kilometers.This means that a Toyota V8 consumes about 6 extra litres of fuel compared to other vehicles.So many people have felt the impact from since the price of the fuel went up in the country.Many have been forced to park their vehicle and use public means of transport. Those with V8 are still on the road meaning that they were ready to incur extra cost for their luxurious life. A person who travels about 50 kilometers to get to work every morning with this vehicles you can get the amount he or she spend on fuel in a day.

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