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Why major car manufacturing companies are moving to production of hybrid cars and not electric cars

People love electric cars because they are economical and environmentally friendly. If you were to compare electric cars to Fossil fuel cars, you would realize that electric cars are more favourable since they have less parts and are very reliable. Hybrid cars on the other hand is a mixture of an electric and fossil fuel car. This therefore means that a hybrid car is more reliable than a pure fuel fossil car even though they still use fuel.

If you have been keen, you might have realized that the number of hybrid cars have been on the increase and most major car manufacturers are still having second thoughts on producing electric cars. This might seem very odd as there is an increased market for electric vehicles as conpanies such as Tesla are making huge profits.

Even though electric cars might prove to be relatively easy to produce, one of the reasons why major car manufacturers find it hard to fully produce electric vehicles is because of job security. Fossil fuel cars need more parts compared to electric vehicles and this means that there are more people who are required to produce a fossil fuel car compared to an electric car. This therefore means that if major car manufacturers convert to full production of electric cars, there are many people who will become unemployed.

The second reason is because of development. Since most car manufacturers know that electricity is not available in all parts of the world, converting to full production of electric cars might not be very advantageous to most people who do not have access to electricity.

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