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Innovation or Madness, Kenyans Get Crazy After This Picture Was Posted Online

A modification done to a motorcycle has been trending online after the owner changed the motorbike to an helicopter. This was after a series of modifications which were aimed at making the Motorbike accommodate more passengers. This seems to have encouraged another modifier to change his Motorbike front wheel to one meant for a bicycle. The image of the bicycle as first posted by Sikika road safety has since gone viral in almost all media platforms.

Some netizens question the stability of the bike and it's ability to withstand force, pressure and speed from the engine propeller. Some feel the innovation is outdated and poses a greater risk to one operating it. Some even went ahead to call for police intervention in looking for the one using it. A group feel that the owner is an idle mind who deserve work while those into Deep criticism call it madness as no scientific principles are involved in the modification.

There is a group of Netizens who feel the one behind the modification should be searched and awarded. They feel that he can be a brain behind huge modifications to better machines which have stalled due to lack of matching spare parts here in the country. Read some of the netizens comments below.

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