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Did you know the Meaning and Origin of world's famous Car Logos?

How many vehicle brands are you aware of? There are so many of them that exist and we identify them due to the different Logos they use. Have you ever thought what the logos mean or their originality.

Well, in this article we'll go through some of the most common car brands available and we'll give you comprehensive information about them.

1. Toyota

Toyota logo is identified with three ovals that are arranged in a horizontally symmetrical configuration. The two small ovals inside the outer oval represents the heart of the customer and that of the company.


They are intertwined to show the mutual relationship between them. The small ovals inside are overlapped to Form letter T and also represents a vehicle's steering wheel. Lastly, the large outer oval represents the world outside Toyota.

2. Hyundai


Just by looking at this logo you might think that it's just Letter H which is the first letter of the name. The symbol is characterized by two people shaking hands which is the customer and a representative of the company. Fascinating, right? The oval in which the two people are in represents the whole world since the company sells it's products across the world.

3. BMW

(Source: Wikipedia)

BMW is represented by blue and white colours. These are official colours for the flag of State of Bavaria, the origin of BMW. The colours are in inverse since it was forbidden to use state recognition emblems in commercial activities hence they decided to use the same colours but in a different representation. BMW are initials of Bavarian Motor Works.

4. Ferrari

Ferrari is a unique logo with a prancing horse in a yellow background. The horse is associated with Francesco Baracca who was an Italian fighter and had painted the image of a prancing horse on his plane's fuselage.


One man, who loved cars called Enzo Ferrari visited Francesco's parents and the mother told him to paint the horse on his cars and it could bring him good luck. He did so and added the colour Yellow. Yellow represents a city called Modena in Italy where Enzo Ferrari was born.

The S and F letters that are inscribed in the logo are Scuderia Ferrari which is the name of the brand's racing division. There are three stripes coloured white, red and green which are the official colours of the Italian flag.

5. Honda


Honda is one of the very few symbols that hasn't changed a lot since when it was developed. It is demonstrated by letter H which is the initial of the founders name, Soichiro Honda. The letter H tends to be narrower and longer at the top and shorter and broad at the bottom. The logo has undergone some modifications for the past years, with the new modification created in 2019.

There are so many car brands available and aren't listed here. Do you know the meaning or origin of any other brand? Kindly share with us in the comments section. Also, like the article and follow the page for more of these topics.

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