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Why Subarus No Longer Rule Kenyan Roads.

A few months backs, owning a Subaru car was quite cool as it could assure you a date with your crush. However currently, subaru cars are seen as any other vehicle and the hype about them seems to have disappeared or rather died down.

Below are some reasons why the hype in Subaru cars has decreased in kenya.

1. Mazda has taken over.

If you have been keen, you might have relaised that there is always a mazda car in most parts of the country. This is because kenyans have realised that Mazda cars tend to be very stylish, reliable and cheap. Compared to Subaru cars, Mazda cars seem to be cheap to acquire as they are not overpriced or overrated.

2. Fuel prices.

With the current economic situation in kenya, driving a guzzler when you do not earn a six figure salary may not seem very favourable. Since the cost of fuel has increased in kenya, most Subaru boys have opted to leave their cars at home as they have modified them to consume a lot of fuel.

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