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Toyota Auris. Executive? Or a money throw?

Toyota Auris , a money throw or executive?

There has been so much backlash from the public of why a small car like the Toyota auris would be so expensive tagged at a starting price of 1.3 million for the 2011-2012 make .

The auris which first came into production in the year 2006 is a hatchback with an engine capacity of 1800cc and a maximum power of 147ps.

In 2018 the auris name was changed to Corolla in Toyota's bid to give the Ford fiesta and Volkswagen golf a single competitor. It's still not clear though whether the Toyota auris has been discontinued or is still in production.

The auris comes in a compact tiny body which is crammed for headroom and legroom as well. This means that everything else is small ,starting from the windows to the rear view mirrors .

However this small body is built for quality, with quite comfortable seats , a double dashboard , comfortable steering wheel and nice soft materials everywhere you touch .

The feeling is that of a luxury car in a small body. The car feels comfortable to drive and that 1800cc pushes you out of traffic with minimal struggle. Fuel consumption is fine since there are drive options such as eco mode plus it comes with an engine stop option where it automatically turns off in traffic to save on fuel.

The auris has keyless entry , a start stop button and digital infotainment screen.

The auris is not a car for everyone.

Reccomending an auris is not something anyone would do but if you like it then don't hesitate. It's executive in its own class.

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