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Road Accident

Top 5 Safety Tips For Driving in Difficult Weather

1). Do not tailgate the car in front of you

Leave at least one full length between yourself and the car in front of you. Difficult weather conditions make this rule relevant because it may be harder for you to brake in time, which increases the likelihood of a car crash.

2). Use your low- beam headlights in foggy conditions

If you are driving in foggy weather, turn on your low- beam headlights and reduce your speed. If the fog becomes so thick that it impedes visibility, pull safely and completely of the road.

3). Always try to maintain control of your speed

Maintain a lower speed to enable your vehicle to brake easily in dangerous circumstances. If you do lose control of your car, it is best to release the brake pedal until you regain traction, and then attempt to brake again.

4). Avoid unnecessary lane changes

Only switch lanes when it is necessary. It is best to remain in the same lane to avoid losing control of your vehicle, or being hit by an undetected vehicle.

5). Ensure your vehicle is equipped with all season tyres

Equipping your car with specialized tyres helps improve traction in difficult weather conditions. In order to help the driver maintain optimum control of the vehicle, do not mix tyres of different size, tread or construction.

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