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Why the Toyota Wish was discontinued and replaced

Toyota Wish , a not so good review

photo : Toyota's official Wish

The Toyota wish is a multi purpose vehicle that was produced by Toyota from 2003 to 2017 ,when it was discontinued and replaced with the Toyota Sienta.

The Wish is an 1800cc with dual V.V.T -I 2ZR-F.A.E Engine and produces a maximum power of 132ps. According to Toyota the MPV was discontinued due to low sales as the high quotation prices for the official Wish failed to attract the masses.

Accompanied by the high maintenance cost of the wish at that time , they had no option but to improve the consumption of the consequent generation but still failed to convince buyers due to the high retailing price .

photo: Toyota Sienta

The wish was then replaced by the Toyota Sienta which was smaller in length and carried a more economical 1500 cc engine which offered great consumption and a cheaper retail price.

The wish was however revamped with a new shape in a bid to attract a new audience but it failed to do so. Toyota then had to introduce the hatchback seven seater Toyota Prius to fill the gap that the wish formerly occupied.

The Toyota Sienta has since been doing very well in the market due to its reliability and cheap costs and remains to be a compact MPV that offers Great fuel economy and a bit of class especially with the new design .

What are your thoughts about the Toyota Prius hatchback and Toyota Sienta ?

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