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Stylish and Classy Cars That Can Make You Look Rich

In this article, we shall come across cars that will make people think that one is much richer rich yet in real life situations one is not as rich as majority of the people prospect one to be.

1 Subaru Forester

This car mostly suits the speed lovers as this car is able to sprint pretty fast and also accelerates to 60mph in just seconds of time. It is stated as a stylish car as it has some of the features that most of the people love and like, an example is the loud bang from their exhaust pipes that brings recognition as one passes by. Well this car's third generation is appealing to the eye of the young youths and couples. For one to get this car for a million shillings then one should consider the of manufacture of the vehicle.

2 Toyota Mark X

This car is also a favorite to many just the forester as it is stylish as its exterior closely resembles that of a Mercedes Benz E class with a very sleek interior and low maintenance costs, thus the classy and stylish attribute is brought out. It is also a high performance car on the road. This car can be bought under a million shillings depending also on the year of manufacture.

3 BMW 318i

The BMW 318i is both stylish and elegant. This German machine exudes power and style and is also a major status symbol to many. The car is encompassed with a four -cylinder engine and a 5 speed auto transmission. It Also can be bought depending on the year of it manufacture. An example is 2004 version where you can get it for as low as 800k.

4 Mercedes Benz C class

This German machines are considered to be the most stylish cars on the list. This class has a range of cars like the, c180, c200, c300 and many others. But here we shall focus on the c180 and the c200. This cars one can be able to get them in their garage under a million shillings depending also on its year of manufacture and the model version.

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BMW 318i Subaru Forester Toyota Mark X


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