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The 'Motorbikes' That Congolese People Have Modified Leaves Kenyans Talking

Necessity is the mother of invention and Africans are known by their creative nature to get things done. Photos of Congolese modified motorbikes have left Kenyans talking after they were shared in the group, Kenyan The bikes that are commonly known as chukudus are very common in Congo's Goma city and employs so many youths.

Chukudus are motorbikes that are built by scavenged motorbikes parts and wooden materials. The chukudus resembles a motorbike but do not have an engine. They are driven by momentum. The rider has to provide a thrush to the motorbike by giving a propulsion using his legs like the skateboard.

The chukudus are used in transportation of goods and they are a source of livelihood to many youths in Congo. When the unique motorbike was shared in the group,Kenyan,Kenyans reacted differently as they wanted to know if the motorbikes had engines as others noted the creative nature of Africans.

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