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What Happens When You Press The Start/Stop Button While Driving?

A driver can start their engine by pressing a button on a push button start key fob. Only keyless ignition systems are capable of push-button starts.

The first car manufacturer to widely implement keyless ignition was Mercedes Benz. Today, several high-end automakers like Lexus, Acura, and Rolls Royce produce their own branded keyless entry fobs.

When the car is started while moving at various speeds on a road without any traffic, various conclusions are drawn;

1. At slow speed.

After pressing the start button, the car will immediately cut its power at a predetermined low speed figure. The car is programmed to stop at a predetermined speed, which is the cause. In many models, this value might change.

2. Moving at high speed.

Nothing happens when the start/stop button is pressed at speeds greater than 55 km/h, indicating that the vehicle has detected the driver's false instruction and has interpreted it as an invalid order.

The car is programmed to do this in order to ensure its safety. The display also conveys a warning message informing the driver that they have disobeyed the directive.

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