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5 things that you were not taught in driving school but every driver should know.

Even though most people know how to drive, nearly everyone who has a driving licence has gone to a driving school. This is because it is a requirement for one to have passed through a driving school and done some tests in order to qualify for a driver's license. Even though driving schools are supposed to teach you almost everything related to driving, most of them tend to only teach the basics. Below are some five tips that every driver should know.

1. How to patch a flat tyre.

In the old vehicles knowing this is not really important as the vehicles come with spare tyres. However if you were to buy a brand new car today, you might probably need to call your mechanic incase your car had a flat tyre. This is because car manufacturers have developed the habit of replacing spare tyres with a tyre fixing kit. The main reason for doing this is to create more space and reduce the weight of your car.

2. Simple car maintainance practices.

Car maintainance practices such as changing your engine oil or your brake fluid are not that hard and can be done easily. Doing this simple practices may save you some money and time especially if you do not feel like going to the mechanic. Even though driving schools are supposed to teach you these simple car maintainance practices, most of them will always avoid it.

3. How to make your car more fuel efficient.

There are various methods you can use to reduce your car's fuel consumption. Even though the purpose of a driving school is to help you know how a car works and how to take care of your car, most of them concentrate on making you pass your tests and to avoid accidents when driving but will never tell you the simple methods you can maximize your car's fuel efficiency.

4. How to drive at night.

Driving at night is very tricky especially if you are not used to it. Even though a driving school is supposed to ensure that you know how to drive safely, it is very rare to find a driving school that will give you practical lesson on how to drive at night. Most of them will only give you tips on how to drive safely at night and not show you how to do it.

5. How to drive downhill.

Even though it's not that important for everyone to know this since not all people stay on hilly terrains, it is important to know how to drive when going uphill and down hill. Driving uphill is very easy. However when it comes to driving downhill, most people tend to cause accidents, some people tend to risk their lives by Changing the gear lever from drive to neutral. Even though this might save some insignificant amount of fuel. This trend actually endangers your life as the car might prove very difficult to control. Incase you are driving downhill, you should always know that all automatic cars are designed to use less fuel when going downhill and therefore shifting to Neutral only endangers your life.

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