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The Kind Of Buses That Dominated Our Roads 20 Years Ago, The Revolution in Matatu Industry

20 years ago people travelling from their rural homes to Nairobi knew about Akamba and Linear coach. Children of nowadays can't even imagine how this Buses could cover a distance of 564 Kilometres from Homabay To Nairobi for a good 12-14 hours. With modern means of transport, the same distance is covered in almost half the time.

In local urban centers, the mode of transport connect from the interior to town was even more hilarious. A Pickup truck carrying upto 20 people, some facing each other while others hanging on the metal frames attached to it. With this era of social distancing to curb the spread of coronavirus, it could have been very difficult for such matatus to even carry a quarter capacity without endangering it's occupant's.

The journey from western part of Kenya as travellers entered Nairobi was full of pushes. At a time when the Narok-Mahi Mahiu route was not functional. All travellers had go pass through Nakuru. The Akamba buses dominated the routes.

The iconic Afya Centre has been in existence for as long as people started to come to Nairobi for greener pastures. The building is the base for almost all the routes outside the town. This is where first time travellers could wait for their hosts.

This days, Modern coast, Mbukinya, Transline classic, Guardian and several shuttle companies have dominated the routes heading to Western part of Kenya.

What else do you remember about the iconic Buses and Matatus? Share with us in the comment section for some discourse.

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