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How To Identify A Vehicle With A Stolen Catalytic Converter in Kenya

The catalytic converter is one of the most essential parts in a car. This is because it helps to reduce environmental pollution by purifying exhaust gases thereby making them less harmful.

Since the catalytic converter is composed of some expensive metals, it is prone to theft. Below are some ways to identify if your catalytic converter has been stolen in Kenya.

1. Choking smell.

In Kenya, thieves tend to replace the catalytic converter with steel wool. This helps to suppress the exhaust sound thereby making it hard for someone to notice the weird noise after the catalytic converter has been removed. With time, the steel wool tends to rust and emits a choking acidic smell.

2. Subaru sound.

The Subaru Sound is probably high sound from your exhaust. Even though the muffler does the work of suppressing your exhaust sound, the catalytic converter also has the same function. Once the catalytic converter is removed, you will realise an increase in your exhaust sound especially when driving uphill.

3.Check engine light.

When the catalytic converter is gone, you will realise that the check engine light will go one. The light will not go off unless the catalytic converter is replaced.

Content created and supplied by: C.Otieno (via Opera News )

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