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Forget About Other Games, You Will Need To Be A Legend Before Playing This Game (Video)

Most people find it easy to play various games such as football, chess or table tennis. However, some games are not meant for everyone. It requires a mastery of skills and confidence for one to play bike riding on a tiny bridge across a stream.

Unlike other bikes, this bike is small in size and has no brakes. The game requires one to focus and have balance in order to make it to the other end. Any slight mistake can easily make you slip off the bridge.

The game is played in some of the Asian countries. During hot summers, tourists flood resort areas to enjoy recreational activities. Most of them find it interesting while cycling on the monkey bridge. It's most popular in Mekong river area like Can Tho. Keeping momentum and focusing on a straight line is the only secret to conquer the game. Watch the video via the link below.

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