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Why the Toyota DX is commonly referred to as "Olwenda" in Kenya

If you uave been to Kenya, you might have realized that most vehicles have nicknames. Most Kenyans believe that Toyota cars are overrated and overpriced for no reason. Toyotas are not overrated because they are popular but because they have proven to be very reliable and efficient.

If you take a look at kenyan roads, I'm sure you might not miss an old Toyota starlet, Toyota Premio, Toyota DX, Toyota 110 or even a Toyota Corolla. This is because these cars proved to be very reliable and are loved by most kenyans.

If you go to the village, I'm sure you will not miss a glimpse of the Toyota DX. This is because it proved to be very reliable and is still used to transport farm produce.

Kenyans nicknamed it as "Olwenda" because of its unique shape that looks like a cockroach. It has a curved boot that offers a lot of room for cargo and passengers.

It is considered as the earlier version of the Toyota Probox since it is reliable, can carry lots of cargo, and can handle abuse. Even though it boasts of outdated technology, it does not come cheap as you will have to part with atleast 350k in order to get one.

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