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The First Real Prototype Flying Car Completes Its First Flight And Successful Landing Today (VIDEO)

Technology is changing everything around us each and every time. It only began from a simple theory and developed into a more advanced and sustaining economic thing. Cars have been among the creations of technology, which have seen many people move from one place to another, unlike in the stone age era where humans depended on animals to ferry them and their goods. Cars have come with major advantages and some disadvantages like traffic in cities to accidents which take life. As time goes by, many scientists have engaged in trying to evolve cars from moving on roads to making flights.

There have been many attempts of making successful flying cars which has been knocked down by not achieving to get to the expected end product. But Slovakian company known as Klein Vision headed by Stefan Klein has made a huge step to creating a prototype flying car. The company reported that the prototype flying car can transform into an air vehicle in less than 3 minutes. It completed two take offs and landing tests today at the Piestany Airport where it flew at an altitude of 1500 feet. The video of the prototype flying car was shared by CNN news which shows that the advancement to this creation is headed to the right direction.

Watch the video of the prototype flying car in the link below;

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