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Hydrogen Is The Future, European Union And Saudi Arabia Are Now On It

The world is moving towards finding sources of energy that are renewable and also those that have the lowest negative impact on the environment. Markedly, hydrogen can be produced from quite a number of domestic resources including natural gas, wind energy, solar energy, and biomass to mention a few. Its production promises almost zero greenhouse emissions. Further, hydrogen can be used to produce electricity and may also be used as fuel in cars as well as for cooking purposes.

In 2019, the Toyota Company produced their first Toyota Mirai which happened to be the first fuel cell electric vehicle. Other companies such as BMW are still doing the necessary research to determine the effectiveness of hydrogen as a fuel for the future.

Looking at these developments carefully, Saudi Arabia being the largest crude exporter in the world, they have planned to set a 700 billion dollar plant to produce hydrogen. Also, they are hoping to be the best and a global hub for green hydrogen.

The European Union has set 5 billion dollars to set a hub for hydrogen production too. Also, this one is targeted to be among the largest producers of green hydrogen by 2025. The UK is also setting up 10 such projects that are aimed at producing the gas.

China is also developing fuel-cell buses and other types of commercial vehicles while Japan is already planning to use hydrogen gas in steelmaking.

These advancements suggest that hydrogen has huge opportunities that the world is likely to enjoy if these plants are set successfully. 

This article is meant to enlighten people to get ready for this advancement in technology that is expected to happen in the near future.

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