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The Best And Amazing Photos Of The Beast Car

When President of United States needs to travel via road there is only one vehicle fit for the job. The presidential state car nicknamed ‘The Beast‘ by the US Secret Service is that vehicle and, as its moniker would suggest, it is more like an armoured personnel carrier than a car.

In addition to defensive measures designed to protect the president, this state car also has stores of blood in the president's type for medical emergencies. The car is hermetically sealed against fluid attacks, and features run-flat tires, night-vision devices, smoke screens, and oil slicks as defensive measures against attackers. NBC reported that the car features armor made of aluminum, ceramic, and steel; the exterior walls have a thickness of eight inches (200 mm), the windows are multi-layered and five inches (130 mm) thick, and each door—believed to weigh as much as those on the Boeing 757 —can electrify its handles to prevent entry.

There is presence of Arm: If Beast needs to go on the offensive it has front mounted teargas canisters as well as on board pump-action shotguns. The car also had a firefighting system in the rear, as well as smoke screen dispensers. The following are the most best photos of the beast.

Thank all.

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