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Budget cars for people earning ksh100,000 and below.

Owning a vehicle is considered a big step towards success by many. His is why most people strive so hard to by one. However before one decides to buy a car, there are some factors that they should consider especially if their earnings are low. This is because it might be a disadvantage to buy a car that one can not maintain or one that may lead to bankruptcy.

Some of the factors that low income earners consider when purchasing a car include:

1. Price. This is the first factor as it determines what condition of car you can get.

2. Fuel consumption. Most of the middle or low income families do not prefer the use of gazzlers. They mostly prefer the Sedan.

3. Resell value. This factor always determines alot when it comes to reliability. This is because most people know that vehicles with high resell value are very reliable.

Below are some of the vehicles you should consider getting if you earn ksh100,000 and below.

Toyota Premio.

Toyota Allion.

Toyota Probox.

Toyota Fielder.

Mazda Demio.

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