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The Most Expensive Bicycles in the World Costing a Million US Dollars

If you thought bicycles were both comfortable and a cheap transport you couldn’t be more mistaken. These ones were created to showcase power and, in many cases, they are real master pieces.

Number 5; Audi sport

The German car company Audi presented this exquisite edition bike in 2015 at the Geneva motor show. Its finish was a result from the experienced Audi motor design studio in Munich. This spectacular red and black combination is one of the latest bikes on the weights only 5.8 kgs and for security purposes each bicycle has its own serial number and only 50 units were manufactured and sold at a price of 20,000 dollars.

Number 4: Impec Lamborghini edition

Costing a price of 28,820 dollars the impec Lamborghini weighs 6.85 kgs and was launched at the 20th anniversary of the Italian Lamborghini company. It's making combines a Swizz made carbon structure with top quality Italian components and perfect yellow painting that resembles the color in the Lamborghini barge.

Number 3: Aurumania Gold bike

This is a gold coated bicycle made with 24 carats of Gold and in addition of 600 dazzling crystals. This bike was launched in 2008 by Aurumania company. Only 10 of this spectacular gold bicycles were made and each one had a price of about 103,700 dollars. It was the most expensive bike when it was first launched.

Number 2: Treck butterfly madone

Creation of this bicycle served as brand converse from the British artist Damien Hirst to design this beautiful and colorful bike to celebrate the return of Lance Armstrong to the racing tracks and it costed 500,000 dollars to acquire it

Number 1: The Beverly Hills edition

This is the ultimate definition of luxury while cycling, only 13 units made, the Beverly hill has huge tires and it's coated with a 24-carat gold and 600 black diamonds. Hugh power, because of his gold dubbed creations is the founder of the house of salad gold and creator of these very expensive bicycles. These bikes have a value of 1 million US dollars.

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