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7 Things we still Spend Money on that are About to Become Outdated

Owning a car

Most people would love to own a fancy nice car that will help them in when they want to travel to various places. Such cars today come with a lot additional issue into your financial life like maintenance, repair, car wash, the cost of gasoline and other small things that are generally costly.

This will surely interfere with your budget, especially if you stay in a city where you will have to face parking issues, taxes and traffic jam. Car sharing or any other means of transport is not only cheap but it is also less stressful especially in a busy city

Desktop computer

Most people are replacing the desktop computer with laptops due to obvious reasons. Laptops are portable, mobile and will give the user an opportunity to change their office arrangement every time they would like to. They are also very powerful and can work for some time even when the power is off.


Today, there are very powerful phones with incredible cameras for pictures and videos. The advantage that a smartphone has over a camera is that it is handy, compact and small. The quality of the images is also very good, you just need to be creative and use editing apps 


Before, most people used wallets to store most of their cash whenever they went shopping, vacation or other things but nowadays due to technology most people prefer storing their money in their phones. It is safe and also easily accessible; you can also pay direct for products and services through money transfer just using your phone


Until recently, tablets were very popular because they were light in weigh and had a big screen suitable for games and videos. However today we have ultra-thin laptops that are flexible and also have touchscreen. 

External hard drives

You don’t have to back up you data and files on another hard drive that you might purchase at a very high cost. Cloud storage technologies are becoming so popular, this way you can get access to your files even from your phone. You don’t need anything else just you devices and the cloud application.

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