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5 Affordable and Efficient SUV in Kenya

In this article we shall come across this crossover SUV's that are the best ideal for a family car. Most of this crossovers are known for their compatibility and comfort as one rides this machines.

1 Toyota RAV4

It is a compact SUV for those seeking for the best model of a crossover SUV from the widely known company brand that is the Toyota company. This car is equipped with modifications such as a high visibility, more cargo room ,impressive suspension that makes the car more compatible to any type of road. It is also comes with a 2.0 petrol engine with a six speed manual gear box. This is are all in one of its new model of this crossover SUV. It is also cheap to maintain this car as most of the spare parts are widely available.

2 Toyota Rush

This is also a better and good model of a crossover SUV for anyone seeking for a smaller family car. Its speculations are as follows; It has a bold appearance on its exterior, its engine offers a pleasant urban driving ability, its performance on the roads is excellent as it easily reaches 100kph in 12-13 seconds. It is also responsive to any type of road as it has great suspension that provides a comfortable and a stable drive. maintenance costs are relatively cheap.

3 Suzuki Escudo

This is a great crossover SUV car as it has amazing features that makes it more compatible as a family car. This SUV features are one of the latest such as digitalized dashboard and also it is roomy to provide a better legroom. It also has a high performance engine equipped in it. It is also an ideal for all urban journeys.

4 Nissan Dualis

This is yet another compact and affordable SUV car in Kenya as it is most known for its impressive maneuverability and zippy engine. It is also has a great stylised body model that makes it look pretty much like as a small hatchback. This car has a great performance on the road as it is equipped with a powerful engine and also a reliable car to own.

5 Subaru Forester

This crossover SUV has lately gained an admirable audience from its steadily evolution on its model make. It comes lately with its new generation with a curvier design that has an appealing clientele. From the company's reputation of manufacturing great models of cars that are of great performance on the roads, thus this SUV is not left behind as the company have made it perform greatly on the roads with amazing road capabilities. It is more compatible and also provides comfortability to it clients thus making it the most sought out car in Kenya.

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Kenya Toyota RAV4 Toyota Rush


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