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The Price Of A Brand New Scania Bus

Travelling is one of the most key activity that usually happens everyday. Be it during the day or during the night. People across the country have to travel in order to fulfill what they intend to such as: ensuring their business is operating, presenting themselves in the jobs, seeking for food for the family and so on.

There are different means of transportation such as road transport, railway transport, air transport and water transport. But the common is the road transport which could be through cars, bicycles, motorcycles etc.

But I want to discuss today is about the price of a brand new scania bus. Keep reading and enjoy. A Scania bus, as I have stated above, is used in the road transport for carrying people, goods and services to different locations.

This vehicle is known for its modern design, size, length among others. When we consider the price, it varies depending with the number of passengers it can carry.

For instance, a 62 seater brand new scania bus can range from 7.8 million to 8.5 million kenyan shillings, a 67 seater brand new scania bus can cost about 9.2 million to 10.3 million kenyan shillings and a 72 seater scania bus can cost about 11.3 million to 12 million kenyan shillings.

You have to note that these are just the estimates and not their actual prices.

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