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The Meaning Of The V In V8 Vehicle Many People Are Unaware Of

Road transport is one of the most common transport means across the world. This has been contributed mainly by the fact that it is cheaper and easier as compared to the rest of the modes like railway or air transport.

It is mainly facilitated by automotives like vehicles and motorbikes. People choose some particular vehicles over others due to their interests and taste.

However, it is strange that most of the people do not know the meanings of the various car names and logos.

One of the most popular cars people do not know what their name means is V8. People fail to understand what the V and 8 means.

The V simply refers to the engine type of the vehicle. The vehicle uses an engine referred to as the Vee engine. This is considered the strongest with the highest horsepower making the vehicle manouvre different terrains easily.

The Vee engine is mainly referred to as the V engine hence the letter V in the vehicle's name.

The 8 digit refers to the number of pistons in the vehicle's engine.

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V V8. Vee


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