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Will Kenya's Automotive Industry Ever Beat Nigeria's Automotive Industry?

Hello readers.

Today we focus on the automotive industry in Africa. Previously I did an article about Kenya's first successful car which is called Mobius. So the question on the picture is Kenya doing enough. For those who never saw the Mobius car here it is

Africa being less developed in the automotive sector different countries are putting into effort to produce their own cars rather than importing them. This being a great move several countries in Africa have already started and we shall compare which country did it better.

We start with Ghana. Ghana produced a double cabin pick up called Kantaka which is powered by a 2.5 litre petrol engine which produces 290 horse power and 398N of torque. The cars exterior appearance great if not better. On first encounter one cannot tell that this car is African made. The car is packed with high modern technology that makes it easier and more comfortable to drive. Rumours have it that the owner of this company has deals with the Chinese who supply him with modern technology and other vehicle parts but as they a rumour is a just a story unless confirmed. Below are some of its pictures

The rear view is also great

The other country on the look is Nigeria. Nigeria invested in the automotive industry as well. The biggest company over there is the Innoson motors. The company produces all types of cars ranging from SUVs , station wagons to even hatchbacks. The company has both invested in electric cars and petrol powered but as for this case I focus on the petrol powered especially the SUVs. Innoson SUV is powered by an impressive 3.0litre petrol engine which delivers 260horsepower and an impressive 400N of torque. The technology is not very high but it's upto the standard modern technology

About it's exterior appearance, damn it's good looking. Taking the appearance of a Ford bronco makes it look far much interesting. Here are some of its photos

Not forgetting Uganda have also invested in the car industry producing electric bus and car

With all that said and done we can conlude several things.

1. Increment of automotive producers in Africa will lead to cheaply available cars

2. Many local producers will compete to deliver the best hence we the customers can get quality vehicles

Summing this up all Kenya is being challenged to up our game. Our industry might have produced a great car but we should not settle for less if great improvement can be done

Content created and supplied by: CreativeThinker254 (via Opera News )

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