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The Price Of a Brand New Toyota Probox in 2022

Welcome again to my article. Today I'm going to talk about the price of a brand new toyota probox in Kenya in 2022.

Toyota Probox has been on the market for a couple of years. Most people have been using it mainly as a personal vehicle. But currently it is transformed into a commercial vehicle.

This is after the business people noticed how strong and efficient this vehicle is and the weight it can handle (450 kg). And since most people are venturing into business sector, its demand in the market has also increased. It comes in different brands such as white, grey, dark blue etc.

Therefore, a brand new toyota probox costs 1 million kenyan shillings. Its price can be negotiable if not fixed. The reason for the increase in its price is because of the several modification done on this car.

Furthermore, you can use this car to carry out several businesses such as supplying vegetables and fruits, supplying retail shop goods, selling electronics such as phones and radios and many more.

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