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Controversial Picture of a Truck Ferrying Sand Raises Concerns

Netizens have reacted to this truck that has posed insecurity to those using the highway. This truck has some errors that some of us have not spotted untill now.

The first thing is carrying sand and failing to cover it with something which can be very dangerous to the sight of vehicle behind this truck. Instead of covering the san the driver opted to tie the sand and the barust using a piece of rope.

The second thing which does not make sense in this truck is the position of the fuel tank which is seen at the backend of the vehicle. This is crazy and not helpful and like some comments saying that this is "a clear illustration of Uhuru Kenyatta trying to curb corona with night curfew."

Below are some of the comments from this Post made by Sikika Road Safety. From the comments section netizens are asking how will one manage to tightly tie loose soil.

Is this what some of us are classifying as brilliant minds? Well if so then we need to upgrade since this is very dangerous doing this on public highway.

Leave your comment about what you think about this trucks fuel tank, the wood at the sides and also placing the barust in the middle of the sand

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Sikika Uhuru Kenyatta


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