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Ever Wondered Why Tyres Are Never White Or Any Other Color But Black? This Is The Reason

You were born and you found tyres having a black color and it is still the same. Their designs change but the color remains the same. This is a question very few people ask themselves and most don't even think of it.

Tyres are made of rubber, that we all know. Rubber is a substance that is tapped from Rubber tree. The same rubber is used to make other items you see around you like shoe soles. You should however note that the rubber used to make chewing gum is different.

Other rubber products have varying colors but tyres are ever black. Why is this so? We are all aware tyres support a lot of weight when supporting machinery items, motor vehicles included. They therefore require extra strength to support the heavy weight. To achieve this, the rubber is hardened by adding carbon black.

This helps to stabilize the chemical properties of rubber making it resistant to UV rays and wear. The carbon black is therefore responsible for the black color in tyres. It is the reason a tyre feels so strong.

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