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Electrric cars launched In Kenya by Kengen.

Kenya is one of the fastest deleloping nation in East and Central Africa.Kenya has accepted modernisation in vast way mostly technology-wise.Kenya electricity generating company has introduced electronic vehicles of the future.

Kengen started by launching for electric vehicles EVs which are two SUVs and two double cabins.New campaigns are set to aim at persuading more Kenyans to give EVs a chance as the market share rises across the globe.

These first EVs,the plug- in hybrids comes with back up gas powered engine which will give consumers the peace of mind Incase the battery runs out.The vehicles are also known for their restoration most of the charge in about fifteen,twenty and thirty minutes.

The government,investors and all stakeholders concerned seems to be optimistic noting that it's typical for new technologies to take off among the wider public after long period of slow adoption.

Kengen plans to roll out about thirty electric vehicles EVs charging stations across the country but mostly in the major cities as a pioneer for the project states.This vehicles that Kengen has launched will give the company and the statistics companies involved,the experience and data of electric vehicles,EVs.

The company has shown crucial concentration on the project focusing on the cost and the environmental benefits of the EVs.Futther,Kengen will use electric vehicles to demonstrate it's role in elevating it's position on attracting investment funds financing green initiatives.

Kengen will also be showing their support in the diversifications and ambitions in promoting the e -,mobility sector.This is new wave of technology that will relieve many in this trying times when there is war between and Ukraine and fuel has flactuated with a big gap making refueling for consumers difficult.

Let's join hands and make our environment better and free from fumes that could be completely eradicated by electric vehicles.


Content created and supplied by: Kamaujohnwanjiru (via Opera News )

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