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Why Nissan Gearboxes Are Making Kenyans Cry Daily and How to Fix Them

For some of us who are interested in vehicles, we all have that one brand or model that has been either our dream car, or our favourite depending on its performance, fuel consumption, effectiveness, maintenance etc.

However, in as much as we love certain cars, there are those which have had a negative image, either deserved or not, and one such brand in Nissan.

The manufacturer has for long been rubbished by a section of Kenyans making its cars less valuable, less costly and less demanded.

Most who have a negative perception about Nissan cars might generally do so without a valid reason but for some who understand automotive, they can give a few reasons why these vehicles should be a no-go-zone.

One such reason is the CVT transmission which has been known to fail and disapppoint Nissan owners time and again further damaging the reputation of manufacturers.

In a post on Carnversations With Wokabi, the car experts explains why the Nissan CVT gearbox keeps failing and how to rectify the problem as quoted;

"CVT gearbox failure is very common in Nissan models with the CVT transmission. Nissan CVT transmissions are rubbish for lack of a better world. The most affected models include The Nissan Bluebird Sylphy, The Nissan Serena, Nissan Xtrail T31.

The Note E12, March, and the Juke are also affected but not in very large numbers as those of the models with the MR20 engine.

There is one major reason why Nissan CVT transmissions fail. A reason that is known globally and one that has driven Nissan into law suits. That reason is overheating transmission fluid.

This comes about due to a design flaw on those specific gearboxes.

When this problem became rampant globally, Nissan extended the warranties of the vehicles they sold with that defect and also recommended the use of an aftermarket transmission oil cooler. That is a permanent fix for the problem.

The two major symptoms to an overheating CVT gearbox normally are;

1. Whinning of the gearbox.

2. Loss of power and even stalling. Power is then regained after you start the vehicle after a while."

Some who have experience these problems have narrated how they had to spend money changing gearboxes time and again without getting a solution.

You should therefore look for a qualified mechanic or expert who will advise on the right aftermarket transmission oil cooler to solve your problem permanently.

Content created and supplied by: MeghanNimmoh (via Opera News )

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