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Is it True a Car Consumes Less Fuel When Driven on a Full Tank?

First the car does not use less fuel when the tank is full, the main reason why most people always think a car usually consumes less fuel is that the tank usually uses a float in it.

A cylinder of plastic that is usually attached at the end of the lever in the tank is the one responsible for the up and down of the fuel level in the dashboard, the top of the float usually stays on the top of the fuel level by possibly a few centimeters, this means the tank will read full even before it is.

The float will become submerged when it is touching the inside of the tank, meaning the tank will read fully as you driving, which usually gives a false impression your car is using less fuel than it is supposed to, but after a while of running the engine and consuming fuel, makes the float to drop with the fuel depth.

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