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The First Ever Kenyan to Own a Car That Cost Him Only Sh300 [PHOTOS]

It's obvious that there are millions of Kenyans who now own motorcars today as opposed to the past when having a car was a priviledge for the rich and prominent people only. 

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All in all, there must be a person who was the 'pioneer' in owning a car in the country.

This first Kenyan man to own a car that cost only sh.300 in Kenya is Gerald Gikonyo Kanyuira.

He was a hawker of vegetables in the so-called the Asian districts of Nairobi for several years where he earned a living.

Kanyuira was the first man to proudly drive an Austin which he bought with his friend.

Together with his friend, whose name is not recorded anywhere, they the each contributed Sh150 to buy a Sh300 Austin A30 which made them join the class of the wealthy in the country. 

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This was vast fortune considering that Kanyuira was only making KSh 4 as salary per month. KSh 4 in his day was a lot of money and this is now the equivalent of making a six figure salary

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Gikonyo’s life has been characterised by problem-solving, the hallmark of any good entrepreneur, as well as years of hard work and perseverance.

He had foresight early in life to venture into businesses, which in his words, he could run well past his retirement age and this has born fruits.

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Now Gerald Gikonyo Kanyuira is a fully fledged business man with various investments in Real Estate, agriculture and hospitality.

He’s also a proud father of 23 children, uncountable grand kids who are products of his 4 wives with 3 having passed away. 

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