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This Is How MoU Between NTSA and IRA Will Transform Transport Sector

Recently, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has signed an agreement with the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) called the MoU to facilitate insurance companies have a strategic way of vehicle ownership of insurers and where strategic time is set for insurers to send their insurance policies to Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS) by this act, it will help to prevent cheating in motor-vehicle insurance industry.

This will allow exchange and sharing of necessary data of the policy information from the NTSA is well confirmed by IRA since more supervision will be done. This is done by TIMS which does all the functions of motor-vehicle registration, inspection and licensing. It is electronically equipped so as to ease motor-vehicle theft and ease ways of tracking unworthy and unregistered cars on the road.

Godfrey Kiptum who is the Insuarance Commissioner added that, "Ultimately, this will quicken the time taken to settle motor vehicle insurance claims since detailed data on the motor vehicles would be readily available and by signing this working protocol between IRA and NTSA, we are sending yet another very strong signal to the cartels behind fraud in motor-vehicle insurance that their days are numbered.”

Remarkably, George Njau who is the director of NTSA confirmed that Kenyans will obey traffic rules and safety on roads and even having good service delivery.

In conclusion, the agreement also provided a forum that will enable them to educate citizens through campaigns on ways to reduce accidents on roads and conducting joint road safety sensitization and therefore collaboration will make work easier on the transport sector.

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