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Little Known About The World Fastest Superbus, Can Only Move On Special Road.

A large number of people all over the world mostly prefer traveling by road. This is due to extreme poverty and majorly in African nations. Holland engeneers recently assembled a bus that would actually make the ever tiresome long distance travel very enjoyable and faster as well. The bus was branded Superbus,and it is designed to move up to the speed of 250 kilometers per hour.

The superbus is 15 metres in length and is designed to carry 23 passengers. It has 16 glowing doors and the luxurious carbins is surposed to be like first class on commercial airlines. The bus is built of lightweight carbon fibere and is powered by electric motor driven by lithium polymer batteries. When the batteries are fully charged,it can move up to 210 kilometers.

The superbus builders instructed that it should be operated on a special concrete roadway only meant for it. This seem to be very expensive,but in real sense,it is less costly compared to building an electric train railway.

The bus could pick passengers wherever and travel on normal roads at normal speed untill it gets to its special lane before it resumes the normal speed. It moves a speed which is almost traveling at the speed of a turboprop aircraft yet at a very low cost. The bus is currently in Dubai.

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African Holland Superbus


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