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'Lazy' why drivers nicknamed the 2014 Toyota Harrier

The Toyota harrier has been in the Kenyan market for a long time , especially the 2008 model which comes in a 2400cc engine capacity with a maximum power of 163ps.

Being in the family SUV class , the harrier is well equipped with comfortable seats, a well laid out interior and options such as a sunroof.

The 2014 Toyota harrier which is a redesign comes with a 2000cc engine with a hybrid option of Toyota's hybrid system which is able to give a consumption of upto 20km per litre or 55 miles per gallon.

Photo: 2014 Toyota Harrier.

The main issue with the Toyota harrier 2014 is the body to engine ratio with 3439lbs against a 2000cc engine meaning it's underpowered. This makes the 2014 harrier sluggish in terms of performance and off-road capabilities compared to the 2400cc 2008 model and other competitors such as the Mazda CX-5, the nissan X-trail and the Toyota Rav 4.

The ground clearance on the body kitted 2014 harrier, which comes as an option, makes it unfavorable for off-road environments due to the compromised ground clearance. This also increases the risk of damaging the front bumper on a curb while parking.

Being one of the most attractive in its class ,the 2014 Toyota harrier starts at a price of KSH 3.2 million and can go even higher depending on certain specifications such as interior options, hybrid option and little bits and trims.

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