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Why Probox and Noah Car Models Easily Attract Police Attention

Commuters and potential car owners in Kenya have at least realised that some car models are closely monitored by security agencies as compared to others.

Some of the closely monitored cars are Probox, Wish, Noah, Voxy and few others. The notoriety of these car models when it comes to crime and flouting traffic rules is what makes them a darling to police. Therefore, potential owners of cars with such makes should be well acquainted with their fate and treatment on Kenyan roads.

Among the four models, Probox tops the list. The Japanese produced car that has been assembled by Toyota company since 2000 is preferred by many due to its lightweight, amazing speed and moderate fuel consumption.

Unscrupulous traders have also taken advantage of its amazing capabilities to facilitate smuggling of goods at border points and other illegal commodities across the country. This makes the police to be alert when handling such cars on roads.

Wish model is also not spared in illegal dealings such as kidnappings, overspeeding and overloading.

Increase in competition in the transport sector has also seen the influx of Wish, Probox, Noah and Voxy car models on Kenyan roads which are operating as taxis and Ubers therefore validating the close scrutiny accorded to them by traffic police on various Kenyan roads.

The shift of attention by police to the above-named car models has however left a loophole in expensive cars such as Prado, Mercedes and Harrier which are now seriously running illegal activities while attracting the least suspicion.

Content created and supplied by: Isaac_Adungo (via Opera News )

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