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Have a look at these cheap cars

Cars are the most important icon when determining the wealth of a person.

There is usually a simple mathematical theorem that you can use to know the average earnings of a person per month.

That is, worth of his/her car divide by 10 months.

That will give you the average estimate that a person earns.

Anyway that's beside our topic today.

Today, I will share some cars that are actually cheaper than you ever imagined.

1. Subaru outback.

This car is usually best suited for midsize families.

This car does well in unfavourable roads for most cars.

One of the amazing facts about this car is that it is long lasting, as it was made to encounter and survive challenges.

The only disadvantage to this car is that it is not economical in fuel consumption and it's maintainance is quite high.

Price: Kshs 1.2 million.

2. Mitsubishi lancer.

This a popular car in Kenya.

It has a sports figure and it readily accomodates customization, depending on the owner.

Price: Kshs 1.4 Million.

3. Honda civic.

This car is reliable and spacious.

To make it more interesting, it is efficient in economizing fuel consumption.

It performs well hence it's reliability is guaranteed.

Price: Kshs 1 million.

4. Mazda 3.

It has various body styles, ranging from sedan to sports hatchback.

This car has a beautiful design and it's interior is spacious.

Price: Kshs 1 million.

5. Suzuki SX4.

One amazing features about this car is that it is a four wheel car, giving it advantage compared to other cars.

It's a very reliable car, especially on poor roads.

Price: Kshs 800K

NB: prices are of brand new models.

Content created and supplied by: Lexybett (via Opera News )



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