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Why First Generation Toyota Premio Is Called "Nyoka" In Kenya

The Toyota Premior old model is the first generation of Toyota premior.It is a four door saloon car designed for five seater.The production started in1989 as a predessor of Toyota corona .The car is manufactured by the Japanase Automobile company .The word premior means first legacy associated with stylish looks.The car has attracted more people in Europe,Asian and Kenya.The car was designed in a streamlined shape to offer fast speed and maximum stability.The car comes in two models manual and automatic transmission with front engine rear wheel drive and all wheel drive option. The car comes in two different engine capacity,1600cc with 7A engine and 1800cc with 4A engine.

This car is called "Nyoka" in Kenyan vehicle market because of its streamlined shape,hardy body, powerful and fuel efficient. The car provide good ground clearance and torque.The fuel consumption of the car depends on a variety of factors such as the terrain,traffic and driving habits.

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