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Hidden Secret And Importance You Should Know About Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery, also frequently just called "Disco" in slang or popular language, is a series of medium to large premium SUVs, produced under the Land Rover marque, from the British manufacturer Land Rover, and later Jaguar Land Rover. The series is currently in its fifth iteration (or generation, according to the manufacturer), the first of which was introduced in 1989, making the Discovery the first new model series since the launch of the 1970 Range Rover – on which it was based – and only the third new product line since the conception of the Land Rover (vehicle and brand) by Rover in 1948. The model is sometimes called influential, as one of the first to market a true off-road capable family car.[1]

Land Rover Discovery

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Land Rover



Body and chassis


Mid-size luxury SUV (1989-2016)

Mid-size luxury crossover (2017-present)


Longitudinal F4

Although the Range Rover had originally been designed as an everyday four wheel drive car that could be used as both a utility vehicle and a family car, it had progressively moved upmarket through its life to evolve into a luxury vehicle sold at a much higher price point. The Discovery was intended to fulfill the role the Range Rover originally was intended for; a segment which was now dominated by Japanese rivals such as the Nissan PatrolMitsubishi Pajero and Toyota Landcruiser. Although positioned below the Range Rover in the company's line-up, the vehicle was both longer and higher, offered more room in the back, and optionally also more seats. Space utilization became more sophisticated in later iterations, but the series keeps offering seats for seven occupants. Despite originally being sold as an affordable alternative to the Range Rover, the Discovery has also progressively moved upmarket through its successive generations to become a bonafide luxury SUV.

The second Discovery (1998) was called the Series II, and though featuring an extended rear body, was otherwise an updated face-lift, which carried on the 100 in (2,540 mm) wheelbase frame and rigid, live front and rear axles of the original Range Rover into 2004.

The third iteration – succeeding the series I and II in 2004 - was either titled the Discovery 3 or simply LR3 (in North America and The Middle East). This was the first all-original design for the Discovery. Although it followed the 2002 third generation Range Rover, also switching to fully independent suspension, it still received a separate, but integrated body and frame (IBF) structure. The fourth iteration, as of 2009 – like the series II, was again mainly an update of the new generation – marketed as the Discovery 4, or Land Rover LR4 for North American and Middle Eastern markets.

The fifth iteration of the Discovery, introduced in 2017, no longer sports a numeric suffix. Unlike the previous two generations, it now benefits from a unitized body structure, making it lighter than its predecessor.

First generationSecond generation (L319)Third generation (L462; 2017–present)Derivatives and specialist versionsThe 30th AnniversaryWorldwide salesMotorsport.

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