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Checkout the Number of Litres That Subaru Forester Consumes in 100 Kilometers

Subaru forester is one of the most amazing vehicles in Kenyan roads. There is always a believe that Subaru vehicles do consume so mach fuel and therefore so many people fear to purchase them. Time like now when the price of fuel is going high each day, one need to have a car will low consumption rate which will be easy to budget.The question of the day is if it is really true that Subaru forester consumes too mach fuel in just few kilometers.To some extent we can agree that a car do consumes fuel according to how you keep on accelerating. You may realize that a when you are driving at high gears the car will consume me. Two different people driving sane distance and same car may record different consumption rate. Secondly the type of road where you are driving in will also affect the consumption rate. Something like the jam really cause the car to consume a lot.

The new model of Subaru Forester made from the year 2009 consumes about 8 litres of fuel in 100 kilometers. This means that it consumes about one litre of fuel in about 12 kilometers. This is almost the same consumption rate as the other common vehicles. Consuming 8 litres in 100 kilometers is good consumption rate and good for the economy. Sometimes this may different depending with the type of place you are driving, may it be urban or extra urban.

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