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Gas driven cars are better than electric cars

We all agree that electric cars were brought into the market to cut on global warming effect as petrol and diesel powered engines produce high concentration of carbon dioxide which is not very friendly to the environment. The other reason as to why the world is adopting electric powered cars is because the future of crude oil is not very promising and the need to cut on dependency of crude oil is necessary. Gas powered cars we’re introduced to substitute petrol. Both petrol and gas are being introduced into many economies with the same reasons, that is to cut on over reliance on crude oil products and also reduce global warming effect.


Well now being on the same page let me push the motion that electric cars are not the better future but rather the gas powered engines are more better. Electric cars run on lithium powered batteries which are also non-reusable and disposing such materials is not easy. Battery powered cars also produce carbon the same carbon emission the world id trying to curb. A normal battery car has a lifespan of about 10-15 years now, arguing with sense where will these batteries be taken? 


Gas powered on the other hand engines run more smoothly than petrol engines. Gas powered engines reduce carbon dioxide emission by over 60%. Gas powered cars run on methane gas. There are many sources of methane gas leave alone natural gas. Gas powered cars can cover more miles on gas more than petrol driven.

In conclusion the future is not electric cars but AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered cars. 

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