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Why Cyclists Wear Tight Bikers

Tight, black, or brightly colored spandex bike shorts may look a bit strange to some people, but for a cyclist, bike shorts and other essential bike gear offer both comfort and function on the bike.

You'll be surprised by the comfort and functionality that come with tight spandex shorts. The primary purpose of bike shorts is to provide comfort during long bike ride. 

To a beginner, cyclists seem to do some odd things. They wear tight clothing, they ride downhill in a tucked position, and they ride very closely together. Sometimes they ride bikes with odd looking bars and alien-like helmets.

The explanation for this odd behavior is aerodynamics. The main thing that slows cyclists down is drag. Drag is a backward force created by air friction. Cyclists (especially while racing) do all they can to minimize this drag.Take a look reasons why the cyclist wear tight spandex bike shorts. 

It makes you go faster

Joking aside, there are actually some gains to be gleaned from all that skin tight clothing.

Most importantly, it helps cut through the wind. Looser items of clothing will balloon out when riding in the wind, seriously slowing you down.

It's not until you've done a long ride with your jacket acting as a parachute that you realise the potential benefits of tight fitting clothing. 

Cycling jerseys keep you cool, dry, and comfy.

A cycling-specific jersey is generally cut to fit a little more snuggly, which is a good thing! When you ride a bike, MOST of your effort is exerted overcoming the wind that is coming at you from the front. This isn’t necessarily an actual headwind. Any time that you move forward there is air resistance. A really loose-fitting T-shirt style shirt is going to act as a big sail and hold you back. Now, don’t think that all jerseys are super tight! There are multiple cuts and designs to jerseys so you’re sure to find one that you are comfortable riding in!

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