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Car Modifications That are Sure to Land You in Trouble With The Authorities

Most people are okay with driving cars that are in their original condition. However, some people feel the urge to be different. They want their cars to stand out from the rest. In order for a car to be unique one needs to alter some things on the car. Some modifications are pretty cool while others are downright annoying. There are some people who do not care about others. Such people will go ahead and modify their cars without considering other road users.

This article is centered around car modifications that are sure to land you in trouble with the authorities and probably even your friends. Here is the list of such modifications:

1.Loud Horns.

For some weird unknown reason, some people go ahead and replace their car's stock horn with some extra loud after market kits. If you are caught using such loud horns in town, you can almost be sure of trouble. Your neighbors also won't like it when you honk anywhere in the neighborhood.

2.Loud Exhaust.

We all get it, a car feels more sporty if its exhaust note is loud. Some individuals will however go ahead and install extra loud unrefined exhaust pipes to their cars . Exhausts that produce sounds louder than 90 decibels are simply a nuisance. The regulations on the loudness of exhausts vary from country to country. You can however prepare yourself for trouble with the authorities if your cars exhaust note is very loud. Loud exhaust notes are a nuisance to the neighborhood especially on Monday mornings.

3.Extra Bright LED lights.

Bright LED lights are meant to be used off-road. Some inconsiderate people will install light bars on their trucks and use the same on normal highways. Using extra bright LED lights on roads poses a threat to other drivers as they are temporarily blinded or dazzled by these lights. These could lead to nasty accidents. Using such lights is a recipe for trouble.

4.Strobing or Alternating Red And Blue Lights.

In most places, these lights are reserved for emergency response vehicles. There are many stores selling kits of these lights. In case you install these lights on your car make sure that you will never use them on public roads.

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