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A Mercedes Benz Costed 16,000 In 1967 The Price Of A Volkswagen And Other Cars Will Amaze You

Owning a vehicle in Kenya and even any country means that the owner is rich or has alot of possesion. This is because a vehicle is something that is very expensive and a large percentage of people in the country do not own vehicles.

A good vehicle currently in Kenya is valued above one million kenyans shillings. Presidential vehicles and also famous rich politicians are always worth even above 5 million shillings.

A picture taken in 1967 surfaced online showing prices of vehicles at that year. The picture was taken infront of a motor yard selling vehicles listing the types of vehicles available by then.

In the listing, a mercedes benz 250SE went at Kshs 38,000. Mercedes 200D went at Kshs16,500. (Mercedes. Photo| courtesy)

Volkswagen Beetle went at Kshs 12,000. Volkswagen variant 1966 went at Kshs 12,000. (Volkswagen beetle. Photo| courtesy)

Volkswagen variant 1965 went at Kshs 7200. Ford Anglia 1200 went at Kshs 8500.(Ford anglia. Photo| courtesy)

This is because the kenyan economy was low compared to nowadays. This keeps increasing each and every year.

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