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The Reason As To Why Subaru, Nissan and Toyota Cars Have Better Resale Value Than German Cars

Many car owners in Kenya usually drive Japanese cars such as Nissan, Subaru and Toyota. They are the three most popular car brands in Kenyan market due to their reliability, affordability and high quality in performance. Few Kenyans drive German cars such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz. But it turns out that Japanese cars in Kenya are to some extent have a better resale value than their German competitors.

The reason is that Japanese cars will always have a market as long as they are in good conditions because they are easy to maintain than German cars. This means Kenyans are likely to look for a well maintained Japanese car than a German car so as to save on maintanance cost on fuel, spare parts and insurance.

The other reason as to why Japanese cars have a better resale value is that the owners of the German cars are likely to stay with their cars for longer a longer period than Japanese car owners. It is very likely that a Mercedes Benz car owner will likely sell their car after 10 years because chances are that the car could still be in great shape and they don't want to incur losses by selling the car at a lower price within a shorter period, hence they prefer to hold on for more years before they resell which again, continues to lower their value.

Japanese car owners in Kenya on the other hand just hold on their cars for about 3 to 4 years and resell to acquire another because they don't lose alot of money when they resell at that period. For instance, a buyer of Toyota filder may buy his car at about Sh1. 2M then sell at about Sh 700,000 in 3 years which is still good money to top up more to say, buy a Nissan X-Trail at about Sh 1.7M.

What do think about resale value of Japan made cars and those of Germany? Share your opinion below and follow my account to get more news.

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