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Why Nissan vehicles in Kenya have low resale values

There are lost of Nissan haters in Kenya. This is because most Nissan vehicles are believed to be unreliable and have a low resale value. Some people might argue that nissan vehicle are very reliable and one needs to take good care of them so as not to have any problems. However, this is not the case since most of the mechanical issues with the nissan vehicles might have been caused by the manufacturer and not the drivers.

When it comes to reliability, most people will always complain of the engine overheating or the failing of the CVT. This is because the main problem in most Nissan vehicles is the X-tronic CVT gearbox. When Nissan introduced the X-tronic CVT gearbox to some of their vehicles they did no make sure that the cooling system was sufficient. This therefore means that the fluid is likely to overheat causing the CVT to fail and the vehicle to loose power.

In case a vehicle's CVT fails, the owner will be forced to sell the vehicle cheaply as repairing it might prove to be more expensive than one had planned for. Since most Nissans brought to Kenya are eight years old, there are higher chances that some Nissans probably have faulty CVTs. Another reason why owners prefer to sell thier vehicles after a CVT failure is because there are few mechanics who know how to handle CVT systems and they charge very expensively for the service.

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